Our Products

Commercial Washing Machines
The side loading and front loading commercial washing machines plant an essential role in washing fabrics at the fabric and garment industry. These machines are also applicable in hotels and resorts for cleaning garments and beddings. 

Hydro Extractor
Textile processing industry makes use of hydro extractor to dry different materials. The products are completely dried in this machine by using a centrifugal force, which then creates a gravitational force. 

Dry Cleaning Machines
Buy from us technologically advanced dry cleaning machines for cleaning clothes using solvent instead of water and detergent. This process is quite simple that removes stains with causing any damage to the delicate fabrics. 

Finishing Equipments
The finishing equipments in the range are needed by businesses to perform the finishing works in textile and garment industries. The range includes ironing equipment that quickly remove wrinkles and unwanted creases from garments and fabrics.

Spotting Table
The use of stainless steel builtlaundry spotting table is used by laundry service providers to detect and remove all stains from the fabric. This kind of machine is highly demanded in hotels and resorts to do laundries. 

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